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Today, to be found online, you must rank on Google. Companies, whether big or small, have potential customers, who browse the Web, read blogs, use apps, and most importantly: search for a variety of terms. Ensuring that you visibly rank above your competitors is essential, and without it, you don’t stand a chance.

A bit overwhelming? Quite simply…

We help companies build their online content strategy, implement world-class SEO, and take hold of the lion’s share of the market.

Make Your Online Ranking a Priority

I certainly will

Increase Traffic to your Site

Step one in the process is seeing more people come to your site. People that are looking for what you offer, and finding it straight away! We can help make sure that their search terms are matched to your website – what you, they, and Google all want –  a very rare win-win-win scenario!

Reduce Advertising Spend

Done right, good SEO will surge you to the top of the rankings on Google, and then with a little maintenance, keep you there too. This means that you can likely lower your spend on other advertising costs – including Google AdWords – which is something we strongly suggest you use from the beginning. Our hope is that our fees not only bring in more revenue, but are justified by bringing down other costs, too.

Keep out the competition

If done properly your SEO should keep you above all the competition, indefinitely. And, if you increase your revenue, then you can use that extra income to really take over the market and dominate in your industry.

About Us

Baithe SEO was birthed out of Baithe Photography, and Baithe Web. Very quickly on in our journey we realised that most industries cannot rely on great websites or photographs alone and so, like most companies, we grew with demand.

We have had success in a number of personal and client campaigns, achieving high rankings on a number of terms and platforms. Read about our testimonials further down below.

Testimonials from Clients

Mike helped optimise our on-site SEO, and setup and run our AdWords campaign.

Brad Sharp, Owner @ Kleinrivier Lodge

Baithe SEO helped us achieve the #1 ranking on Google for our most important industry term.

Pippa Sharp, Owner @ Wildeflower

Helped us build our site correctly, with SEO in mind.

André, Owner @ Ecolution

Made sure we climbed the rankings on Google in our industry

Rochelle, Owner @ Chota Peg & Lime

Baithe helped us build a website, photograph our hotel, set up SEO and an AdWords campaign. We highly recommend him.

Lee, Manager @ Joie de Vivre

Mike was instrumental to the start of our foray into the online world. He gave us professional direction for both our SEO and AdWords.

Marieke, Owner @ Novella

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